CIMCO Recycling

Cimco Recycling

CIMCO Recycling has emerged as a leader in our industry and responded to an overwhelming demand from large manufacturing organizations, to optimize the return from their metal recycling program. CIMCO Recycling has continually developed new technologies and innovative ideas for the metal recycling process. Specializing in multiple location, high volume manufacturers, utilizing our expertise developed by over 50 years in the industry to improve recycling processes. In 2009 we managed the recycling of over 95,000,000 pounds of non-ferrous and over 1.5 million tons of ferrous scrap.

CIMCO Recycling will design and implement a CORPORATE SCRAP MANAGEMENT PROGRAM to optimize the return from the recyclable metal generated by your manufacturing process. Your “CSMP” will target the following key points: process management, pricing, and accountability.

Our National Presence

CIMCO Recycling has locations all across the United States and Canada. We are located in 25 states, 38 cities and 1 international location in Ontario, Canada.

Pricing & Service

We will employ several different processes that force vendors to compete against each other for the right to process your recyclable metal. We will increase the price paid for your material. Leveraging your material with the 95,000,000 lbs. of non-ferrous and 4 million lbs. of ferrous metal that we currently manage will ensure the highest return for your recyclable metal.

Service terms will adhere to your demands, generally a minimum of 24-hour response time with same day emergency service. State-of-the-art handling Equipment trailers, containers, and self-dumping hoppers will be provided at no cost. A dedicated Account Manager will always be available during your hours of operation for all of your service needs. Net 21-day payment terms.

Process Management

Using a thorough evaluation of your current recycling process from management to the people handling the material at your facility, we will design a program to improve control, efficiency and revenue.

A dedicated Account Manager will be assigned to oversee every step of your recycling process from the request for service to settlement for material removed. Your Account Manager will maintain a perpetual state of program review, looking for areas that need to be reassessed, keeping your program fresh and current to meet changing needs.

We will provide digital, emailed, numbered Service Request forms issued for all loads removed from your facilities, creating a tracking number for every load from when the service is requested until payment is received. Comprehensive, detailed reports, tailored to your specific needs. One central location that your entire process funnels through, giving you complete control over every aspect of your CSMP.


Procedures will be implemented to ensure that your material is weighed properly and accurately. 24-hour remote digital surveillance can be installed allowing monitoring of your facilities anywhere with Internet access. No load will be removed from any of your facilities without a numbered Service Request authorizing the release of material. Our reputable processors have been thoroughly screened before being approved by CIMCO Recycling.